Embedded World 2014 – The Success of Embedded Java

IS2T exhibited at Embedded World 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany, the largest show in Europe dedicated to Embedded systems. Visitors to our booth viewed our live demonstrations that showed how IS2T’s MicroEJ Embedded Java solution can help them develop rich Graphical User Interfaces on low-cost microcontrollers. The show confirmed that the embedded industry is looking today to develop smartphones-like applications while maintaining BOM and developement costs at its lowest. IS2T, through its live Java demonstrations, showed that MicroEJ is the solution to these issues.

Hundreds of participants visited IS2T’s booth, looking for an efficient way to develop embedded applications in various embedded industries such as industrial automation, automotive, smart metering, household appliances, medical, and energy.

Live demonstrations of the MicroEJ Java technology were also showcased on some of our partners’ booths (Freescale, STMicroelectronics, EBV, Arrow).

Embedded World 2014 was a real success for us! Below are a few pictures of the activity at the booth.

Embedded world IS2T booth

IS2T booth early in the morning, a few minutes before the crazy traffic

Domotic embedded java applications

Customers devices dedicated to home automation and using the MicroEJ Embedded Java solution


Live demonstrations of the MicroEJ SDK on Renesas Rx, Freescale Kinetis L (ARM Cortex M-0+), and STM32


EBV Elektronik’s booth with a slot dedicated to Jakarta ARM Cortex-M0+


Live demonstrations of MicroEJ embedded UI
solution on EBV’s booth


Huge traffic on STMicroelectronics‘ booth. Special focus on STM32 F4


Demonstration of a Java application running on KL46Z in Freescale’s booth


MicroEJ Java-based application running on Freescale KL46Z (Cortex-M0+)


IS2T’s email client user interface running on STM32 F4 in Arrow’s booth