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Powering millions of wearable products around the world, MicroEJ enables manufacturers to achieve faster design cycles, extended battery life, and cost-efficiency with smartphone-like capabilities. Embrace the tangible benefits of MicroEJ, propelling you toward a faster time to market and substantial cost savings.



VEE Wear OS For Wearables

VEE Wear, MicroEJ’s compact wearable OS, addresses market fragmentation and the lack of third-party app support in low-power smartwatches. It offers features akin to larger operating systems while minimizing costs and power consumption, meeting the rising demand for feature-rich wearables with prolonged battery life.

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MicroEJ Is The Trusted Software Technology Partner For Wearables

Engage And Delight Consumers With Stellar UI/UX

Effortlessly design stunning user interfaces for any display, while adhering to strict power and resource limits. Rapidly develop your wearable project on virtual devices to swiftly achieve the perfect balance of design, performance, and cost-effectiveness. Leverage MicroEJ’s extensive Embedded GUI solution for unparalleled design excellence.

Design Development Wearable UI

Combine Outstanding Battery Life with the Best User Experience

MicroEJ delivers first-rate smartwatch capabilities on cost-effective and power-efficient hardware. Our solution ensures exceptional battery life without compromising the overall customer experience. With MicroEJ, you can achieve a longer battery operating time or enable sleeker designs through reduced battery size.


Design Low Power Wearables Using Android’s Tools

MicroEJ provides a comprehensive solution by supporting Android Studio and Gradle with its Android™ Compatibility Kit.
This compatibility empowers a vast developer ecosystem to seamlessly develop, simulate, test, and run the same app on both Android and MicroEJ platforms.


Build an App Ecosytem to Foster Customer Loyalty

Elevate product appeal and nurture customer loyalty with downloadable apps and watch faces for your wearables. Leverage a vast pool of over 20 million engineers to design distinctive applications across a diverse range of wearables, all without getting bogged down in the specific implementation details that differ between them.

Design Development Wearable Interfaces

Unlimited Watch Faces

Enhance your smartwatch with 500,000 watch faces using the Facer app and access the Facer community, comprised of over 30,000 watch face developers.


Watch Face FACER MicroEJ

The extreme versatility and ease of use of MicroEJ’s solution are outstanding. Its flexibility drives the creativity and boosts the efficiency of our research department.

Sander Werring,
CEO of Polar Electro Group

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For over 10 years, MicroEJ has been helping tier-1 and innovative wearable companies in building solid software foundations for their business. Let’s discuss how MicroEJ can help your brand stand out!

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