Make your Wearable Tech as Robust as Your Smartphone

The wearable market revolutionizes the use of smart objects. Many questions are still unanswered: what are the key applications that could make a feature-watch so desirable? How can smart-watches position themselves against smartphones?

Create appealing Graphical User Interfaces

MicroEJ supports any display size, color depth, and provides advanced gestures and motions on touch displays combined with low-power microprocessors.

With the use of MicroEJ Virtual Devices, hardware mockups and our rich Graphical User Interface libraries, developers can design new UI concepts created by UX designers to find best compromises between design and performance in just a few days. More information about MicroEJ Embedded GUI solution.

To complete its solution MicroEJ support Android Studio and Gradle enabling to large developer ecosystem to develop, simulate, test, and run the same application on Android and MicroEJ alike. More information about Android Compatibility Kit.

Extended product life

Experience has shown users get bored after a few months if no new features are added to watches in order to renew the User’s Experience.

MicroEJ offers flexible software development tools and advanced software architecture design capabilities to help developers add new functionality at a fast pace. Product software content can be changed with so called “full-firmware update”. For shorter update cycles, users can add new app functionalities from an application store using MicroEJ partial firmware update capability.

We are really pleased to work with MicroEJ.
The team was helpful in providing us the technical and business assistance that made the X2 project a success.

Sun Dapeng,
Co-founder of Bong

Build an eco-system

Wearable products can easily communicate with other devices over Bluetooth or NFC, creating opportunities to build an ecosystem with peripheral manufacturers.

MicroEJ offers the solution to create an ecosystem. It lets you create a secure and robust software platform to grow a supported peripheral base at no cost. About 8 million developers around the world can use the MicroEJ platform to create apps for a full product range. App developers do not need to know your implementation details that may change from one product to another one.

Create fast, Market fast

As for many emerging markets, Agility is a key factor for success to follow fast moving targets. MicroEJ provides several solutions to improve software development flow in order to speed-up software delivery, usually by a factor of two.

With MicroEJ you can parallelize software and hardware developments to start software development much earlier. You can reuse software across various projects by leveraging the MicroEJ Virtual Execution Environment concept to make portable software.

Reduce complexity for low-power and low-cost devices

Portable devices for the consumer market are often driven by cost and battery life. Since  the MICROEJ VEE is specifically designed for constrained embedded electronics, cost and power consumptions were taken into account from the beginning to reach ideal performance.

You can use a MICROEJ VEE with low cost and low power microcontrollers starting from $1 USD and power consumption can be reduced by up to 80% in comparison to similar alternative implementations.


MicroEJ Key Features for Future-Proof and Sophisticated Wearable Devices

Software for Wellness Trackers

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Software for Smart Watches

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Software for Sports Watches

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Software for Smart Clothing

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