MicroEJ adds GUI and Bluetooth support to Murata Type 1LD Wi-Fi+BLE combo

Murata and MicroEJ collaborated to support the ultra-small Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo module through a specific development board, Type1LD EVB  MicroEJ is providing its leading trusted Virtual Execution Environment (VEE), mixing C and Java technologies for IoT application development.


What are Murata 1LD Module specificities?

The Murata Type 1LD module is small size (8.9 x 7.8 x 1.2 mm), dedicated to highly integrated IoT devices using a single processor for both communication and software applications.

Type 1LD module is based on CYW43438 combo chipset + STM32F412 MCU, which supports Wifi 802.11b/g/n + Bluetooth 4.1.


MicroEJ VEE for Murata 1LD is an ideal combination to create highly integrated, low-cost and low-power IoT edge devices

Using MicroEJ Virtual Execution Environment (VEE) APIs for Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth, file systems, graphical User Interface and other on-module peripherals, developers can build feature rich applications using graphical displays, while manage short range wireless connectivity over BLE, collect and process data to easily connect to Cloud service providers.


Software execution supports C and Java technologies

  • Provide Java APIs from C drivers to support MCU peripherals such as ADC or SPI
  • Application software related to BLE connectivity and Cloud connectivity can be easily designed with Java technology.


Application software independent from Wi-Fi / BLE middleware

  • MicroEJ virtualization provides a high abstraction level: application software layers are independent from middleware API’s, RTOS and C compilers. When updating the Type 1LD module middleware, application software is kept unchanged.


Software robustness is improved

  • MicroEJ virtualization protect hardware and middleware from suspicious application behavior. It greatly improves software robustness and security, which is critical for IoT applications.


Graphical User Interface


Which electronic products can be developed with Type 1LD Modules and MicroEJ software?

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