Build Highly Reliable, Robust and Secure Medical Devices

Take advantage of proven and efficient software technologies in order to create safe, robust and reliable medical devices than will not only impress your end customer, but also ensure product quality and patient safety.

The MICROEJ VEE uses the same virtualization principles that are heavily used in computer desktops for over 20 years, only on a much smaller footprint.

This achievement enables medical devices manufacturers to add some agility into their software development process by taking advantage of object oriented programming, simulation with virtual devices, and automated testing for a faster and more flexible software development (for example: user interface design) that conforms to the latest compliance requirements.

MicroEJ solutions drastically reduce software complexity and simplify certification efforts for compliance to IEC 62304 class A and B, CLSI LIS01-A2, CLSI LIS02-A2 and other major and emerging medical market’s certification and compliance efforts.

MicroEJ Is The Trusted Software Technology Partner For Medical Devices


Facilitate Your Medical Devices Certification Process

The MICROEJ VEE allows developers to separate software components to facilitate the certification process. Since separation can occur vertically across firmware and application levels or horizontally within the application layer using sandboxes, several levels of certifications such as IEC 62304 level A, B or C can be combined within the same medical device.

MicroEJ can support IEC 62304 level A and B certification level by providing its technology as a high quality SOUP guaranteed by a strong suite of automated testing tools that provides over 30 000 tests with a code coverage of 100%.



Increase Velocity from Development to Production

By prototyping your future medical device on a simulator (using a virtual device), you can develop, test and evaluate several hardware combinations and save time doing so by reusing your code. Thanks to simulation, you can accelerate your project and release up to 3 times faster, since the software running on the virtual device is, by essence, identical to the code that will run on the physical device. Digital Twins facilitate implementation for automatic test suites required by your certification process.


Ensure Your Medical Devices Security

MicroEJ offers a multi sandbox environment that isolates software applications from each other. A sandboxed application executes in its own virtual environment made of private threads and private data space, therefore cannot jeopardize other applications or system execution. Additionally, MicroEJ supports secure identification and ensure dynamically loaded applications are from a known and trusted source, as well as any kind of ciphering solutions from software silicon vendors.



Guarantee Robustness at Runtime

Bugs and failures on the field are prevented through an industry-unique security manager which  monitors real time software execution, RAM/CPU usage, as well as system resource access (file system, peripherals…) to ensure continuity of service.



Thanks to MicroEJ we reduced development time and simplified device management. Overall we saved time and money.

Vincent POHER,
CEO, Avalun

Medical Devices

Powerful Solutions For Fast and Secure Medical Device Development

Software factory

Thanks to the combination of virtualization, Object Oriented Programming, simulation and automated testing, the entire software production line, from the build to the testing, becomes automatized and adjustable, allowing for changes, incremental additions, and facilitates an Agile Process implementation. See More.

Design to value

By allowing product development on virtual devices, MicroEJ lets you evaluate features added values versus costs at the earliest stages of your project. Virtual prototypes allow several teams to interact and manage changes without impacting on the project schedule. See More.

Embedded GUI

MicroEJ allows you to create fast, beautiful and easy to build user interfaces to ease data visualization and enable a better monitoring, either at home or at the hospital. User Interface components built with MicroEJ are reusable to enable a fast product declination and keep a consistent brand image. See More.


MicroEJ extends the security and privacy requirements for medical device manufacturers well beyond traditional standards, especially when cloud connectivity is involved. Virtualization and application sandboxing keep the critical software layers separate from the less critical parts to ensure the device integrity at all times. See More.