VEE Wear Compact Wearable OS For Low-Power Smartwatches

VEE Wear ® is the most versatile, powerful compact wearable OS for cost-effective, low power smartwatches. Intuitive software tools and libraries let you take the lead in the wearable space to create amazing UI/UX, extend battery life, unlock unlimited watch faces, and create app ecosystems faster than ever.

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Facer Watch Faces for RTOS Smartwatches


Smartphone-Like Capabilities on Affordable Smartwatches

Combine cost-efficiency and sophisticated user experiences: superior UI/UX with advanced graphics, superior connectivity, smart sensing, and compelling features.

Ultra Long Battery Life

Achieve high performance and ultra-low power consumption on RTOS watches, or extend the battery life of Android watches by utilizing a big-little architecture with rich offloading on a low-power processor powered by VEE Wear.

Unlimited Watch Faces

Enhance your smartwatch with 500,000 watch faces using the Facer app and access the Facer community, comprised of over 30,000 watch face developers.

Dedicated App Stores And Developer Ecosystem On Any Smartwatch

Foster customer loyalty by introducing dedicated apps and capitalize on lucrative app monetization opportunities through the utilization of a broad developer community

Compatible with Android Development Tools

Utilize tools like Android Studio and the Gradle Build System to expedite the creation of vibrant user experiences and apps for feature-rich smartwatches.

Design Development Wearable OS

Why Use VEE Wear Wearable OS for Cost-Effective Smartwatches?

Cost Optimization Wearable OS

Accelerate market entry, reduce costs, and deliver a vibrant user experience with VEE Wear.

Battery Life Wearable OS

Extend battery life with the most optimized commercial wearable operating system.

App Store Wearable OS
Open your product to apps and watch faces from the entire wearable ecosystem.

VEE Wear Compact OS for Wearables Boast a Full Set of Unique Features to Develop Highly Appealing Smartwatches Faster:

  • Customizable watch faces & apps with heart rate monitoring & activity tracking.
  • Efficient power optimization for leading chipsets, like NXP i.MX RT595 Crossover MCU.
  • Seamless compatibility with Android & iOS for a smooth smartwatch app experience
  • Enhanced battery life through Android offloading framework & rich ambient mode.
  • Access to’s expansive library of 500,000+ watch faces & a community of 30,000+ designers.
  • Global certified design partners for turnkey solutions, customizations & collaborative design contributions.

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VEE WEAR operating system for wearable products is powered by the MICROEJ VEE software container for embedded systems, which ensures development on virtual devices (simulation), seamless Android compatibility, multi-sandboxing capabilities, as well as a multi-language framework in managed code, supporting the C, JavaScript, and Java languages. Curious about how VEE Wear can accelerate innovation, reduce electronic expenses, facilitate an app-centric approach, and significantly enhance battery life? Reach out to us today for more information!

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