MicroEJ Promoted to Platinum NXP Partner


MicroEJ Continues Broad Expansion of Software Containers for IoT and Consumer Products

MicroEJ, a leading provider of software containers for industrial and IoT devices, has recently been promoted to Platinum Partner status within NXP Semiconductors’ prestigious Global Partner program. This elevation in partner status reflects the long-standing collaboration and shared vision of both companies in driving innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions to the industrial and IoT industries.

From Left to Right: Ron Martino, EVP of global sales
for NXP Semiconductors, Dr. Fred Rivard, MicroEJ’s CEO and founder,
and Charles Dachs, SVP, Industrial and IOT Edge at NXP Semiconductors

MicroEJ’s Software Containers Provide The Digital Foundation For Software-Defined Products

Containerization has become a trending approach in the embedded industry, mirroring its success in the cloud, IT and smartphone sectors. MicroEJ’s software containers address the challenges of modernizing embedded development, ensuring software component reuse, and capitalization. The MICROEJ VEE tiny container (between 30 to 40 Kilobytes), offers similar features and capabilities as larger counterparts while being highly efficient for use across NXP’s microprocessors and microcontrollers portfolio. This scalability and miniaturization allow manufacturers to take advantage of NXP’s edge processing solutions while optimizing performance, power consumption, security, scalability, and portability.


A Shared Vision for Innovation

MicroEJ and NXP Semiconductors have cultivated a long-standing partnership, with MicroEJ successfully porting MICROEJ VEE software container to numerous NXP hardware platforms. This collaboration has enabled the deployment of combined solutions in tens of millions of electronic products worldwide across multiple industries, including wearables, industrial devices, home appliances, smart homes, and smart metering. MicroEJ’s Platinum Partner status in NXP’s partner program, along with NXP’s certified partner status within MicroEJ’s partner ecosystem, solidifies the alignment of both companies’ product roadmaps and underscores their shared commitment to mutual growth and market expansion in the Industrial and IoT sectors.


The Road Ahead

MicroEJ and NXP Semiconductors partnership offers many exciting opportunities, as it enables accelerated time-to-market, enhanced software reuse, and improved efficiency for device manufacturers. By combining NXP’s edge processing solutions with MicroEJ’s software containers, the vision of software-defined products becomes a reality, unlocking untapped business opportunities and delivering exceptional value to customers worldwide.


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