Design Embedded Software with Best-In Class Development Tools

MICROEJ SDK is a full set of tools and libraries for device software development. Build your own Virtual Execution Environment and start building great electronic devices now!

microej sdk

Comprehensive suite of developer tools

MICROEJ SDK has evolved from our 12-year experience and $40M invested in R&D, dedicated to embedded software design.

It is a comprehensive suite of developer tools to build MICROEJ VEE with processors from major silicon vendors, to create device simulators, and to develop, debug and profile embedded software.

microej sdk

Create your Virtual Device

When starting a new project, hardware is often not ready and specifications have not finalized. This is the ideal time for creating a Virtual Device powered by a simulator engine extended with mockups.

Virtual Device mockups include:

  • Display and touch
  • Buttons and LEDs
  • IP connectivity
  • Sensors & actuators
  • Any other custom features

Once the Virtual Device is ready, you can build proof-of-concepts to assist all project stakeholders in specifying a new product while developing software as the actual device hardware is being designed.

microej sdk

Create your feature-rich VEE

The Platform Builder creates a customized MICROEJ VEE for a given electronic configuration in order to build a MicroEJ-ready device.

The multi-application framework can be imported and customized to define software content management policy (apps life cycle management updates, etc.)

Developers can choose optional items:

  • RTOS (any kind)
  • C interface for legacy software reuse
  • Data storage (file system)

microej sdk

Develop software applications

MICROEJ SDK Supports All Major IDEs for Java and Android Development

  • IntelliJ IDEA: Premier IDE for Java/Kotlin, with advanced features like autocompletion and intelligent suggestions.
  • Android Studio: Ideal for Android development, seamlessly integrates with MICROEJ SDK via MicroEJ’s Android Compatibility Kit, enabling robust embedded application creation.
  • Eclipse: A popular open-source Java IDE supporting multiple programming languages such as C, C++, and Java.

Simulate and Emulate

Embedded Software

  • Simulate to prototype or debug using a Virtual Device
  • Emulate application execution on a development board or with product prototype
microej sdk

Automate your software production

MICROEJ SDK is ready for Continuous Integration (CI) to improve software delivery. MICROEJ SDK tools use scripting and can be easily integrated with CI tools such as Jenkins and Artifactory.

To support Agile process development, MICROEJ SDK provides a test engine to automate testing in a simulated environment and real products.

MicroSDK set of comprehensive developers tools for embedded devices applications

microej sdk

SDK key features

  • MICROEJ SDK embraces the widely adopted Gradle build automation tool
  • Reference implementations of MICROEJ VEE for a wide range of processors, C compilers and OS/RTOS
  • Multi-programming languages support (C/C++ Java, JavaScript, Kotlin)
  • Platform builder and configuration
  • Custom API designer
  • Virtual device player
  • Debugging tools: Code Coverage Analyzer, Test Suite Engine- Stack Trace Inspector, Memory Map Inspector, Heap Inspector, Real-time trace
  • GUI tools: Font generator, Storyboard designer, Internationalization