Accelerate Your Smart Home and Smart Building project with MicroEJ Software

Optimize building energy consumption, control the watering of your plants when you are away or let your fridge do the shopping… The connected home is no longer just a dream, it is within reach. A recent report from Intel mentions that today, the average household has 10 connected devices and it will reach 50 in the near future.

However, Smart-Home is a challenging market: home and building renovation cycles are slow and solutions are fragmented. MicroEJ is the solution to future-proof smarter, connected products with appealing graphical user interfaces such as smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart locks, smart energy monitors.

MicroEJ Is The Trusted Software Technology Partner For Smart Home

Graphical User Interface

Home and building markets have different target users yet both require the ability to design tailored Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). Today’s kitchens or living rooms change more often than in the past while integrating appealing new electronic products with large displays, for example. Buildings are getting more connected thanks to IoT, leveraging complex electronics. Maintenance is becoming easier and configurations are error free through efficient user interfaces.

To satisfy the markets high expectations, MicroEJ has a solution for Graphical User Interfaces that helps develop unique smart home / smart building GUI’s with ergonomics and branding mimicking a smartphone look & feel.

Versatile Home and Building Connectivity

Connectivity protocols in homes and buildings are plethoric and fragmented across KNX, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth/BLE, Wi-Fi, 6LowPAN/Thread. Products for connected device range from numerous vendors and are often incompatible between each other.

When addressing connectivity, MicroEJ is considered a future-proof solution to enable Product-as-a-Service ecosystems. Electronic devices can connect to any surrounding devices or to the Cloud to provide a new level of services while adapting to their environment though instant software downloads.

End-to-End Security

Most smart home and smart buildings are now connected to IoT networks. Connectivity is a major threat: anyone could potentially hack a home or building system to trigger costly damages.

MicroEJ solution for security brings several capabilities to improve product robustness including:

  • Virtualization to protect embedded systems from software attacks after updates
  • Integrate special trusted solutions from silicon vendors such as secured processors
  • Support ciphering technologies required to secure communication links between devices and servers.

User Experience and Eco-Systems to Strength Your Branding

Home and building markets are fragmented and branding is a key competitive advantage for addressing them globally.

MicroEJ provides multiple solutions to create consistent branding across various micro-segments and numerous product ranges:

  • Design UI and ergonomics as a signature of your brand to make it available across all of your electronic products.
  • Create an ecosystem to increase your notoriety with the help of partners gathered under your brand.

“We are particularly proud to collaborate with MicroEJ to accelerate Enki’s ecosystem integration. The implementation of a universal Cloud protocol allows our partners to independently integrate their products with Enki’s cloud and benefit from easy-to-use software tools for accelerated software development. This achievement has resulted in a significant increase in the number of connected devices compatible with the Enki solution and a better user experience for our customers.”

Pierre-Yves Hadengue
Enki Leader at Leroy Merlin

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