Accelerate Energy Transition With Software Defined Smart Meters and Smart Grid

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MicroEJ’s software solutions transform traditional electric meter infrastructure into scalable, customizable smart grid platforms with distributed intelligence, enhancing energy management for a more sustainable future.

Who we work with:

  • Leading smart metering and smart grid OEMs looking to build efficient and future-proof energy systems.
  • Smart grid systems and providers.

MicroEJ Is The Trusted Software Technology Partner For Smart Metering and Smart Grid OEMs

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Empower Demand-Response and DER Management Through Meter-Based Micro-Services and Apps

MicroEJ introduces micro-services and apps to meters, enabling OEMs and utilities to enhance grid management and optimize demand-response efficiency. By fostering a developer community, OEMs can swiftly create specialized features and custom app marketplaces, unlocking new service opportunities and revenue streams.


Adapt to Evolving Utility Demands and Decouple Revenue from Development Efforts

MicroEJ’s innovative multi-sandbox feature enables cost-effective customization of smart meter applications, creating a software-defined meter without requiring extensive overhauls. The containerization of features and functions saves time and resources, accelerating time-to-market while ensuring flexibility to address evolving utility needs and maximizing the meter’s lifespan.


Build Flexible and Adaptable Connectivity

MicroEJ simplifies complex network architectures by integrating multiple communication options (Wi-Sun, NB-IoT, PRIME, DMLS COSEM, etc.) and IoT agents. This ensures bidirectional communication between smart grid devices and the cloud, promoting interoperability across diverse connectivity mediums to address regional needs with a unified design.

Elevate Consumer Experience and Energy Management

MicroEJ effortlessly integrates smart meters into the smart home ecosystem, offering enhanced consumer experiences and energy-saving opportunities. Its flexible protocol support and inherent domain separation securely connect smart home and smart meter ecosystems, unlocking new business opportunities.

Smart grid meter ecosystem

The next generation of meter technologies are a critical next step for energy management. Revelo and its related future-ready utility IoT platform provide the edge intelligence and sensing function to provide utilities and consumers with the capabilities to reach their goals. The flexibility of the MicroEJ environment enables us to provide an effective platform for app enablement and expansion in the future.

Todd Bushey,
Vice President at Landis+Gyr

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