Software Solutions for Smarter Grids, Meters and Cities

MicroEJ helps the energy and utilities industries lay out the path for future growth and development with state-of-the-art software solutions for embedded systems that increase opportunities to create value based on data, insights, and services.

MicroEJ is dedicated to providing advanced technologies to enable the development of safer, more reliable, more robust and more resilient IoT devices for the energy and utility markets, all while minimizing risks and total cost of ownership.

Optimal security, reliable connectivity, software reuse and remote maintenance on a large fleet of energy devices are only examples of the benefits brought by MicroEJ software solutions for smarter grids and meters.

Energy and Utilities

More Flexible and More Intelligent Grids and Utility Applications

Build Secure and Robust Software for Smart Energy Devices

MicroEJ combines security and flexibility as it provides application sandboxing, meaning software applications stay isolated from each other.
Device robustness is guaranteed at execution thanks to code validation and real time execution checking for reliable smart meters, gateways and communication subsystems.

Enable Customization of Devices Servicing Smart Metering, Smart Grid, and Smart Cities

Smart Meters require increasing customization to better meet the needs of evolving grid infrastructures and RFP specific requirements.
Thanks to MicroEJ, OEMs can create and deploy tailor-made applications on their smart meters, gateways or communication modules to enhance energy management for utilities and consumers at a lower cost.
To develop specific features, they can rely on a community of over 10 million developers, and even open a custom app marketplace to enable new software deployment strategies and generate new revenue streams.


Create a sustainable and flexible Cloud connectivity

The network architectures of IoT are intrinsically heterogeneous, that includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular LTE CatM/NB-IoT, etc.
MicroEJ tackles the interoperability challenge by its capabilities to integrate dedicated protocols such as DLMS/COSEM, or generic ones, such as LWM2M or MQTT, to enable easy bi-directional communications between your IoT devices (smart lamps, smart meters, etc.) and to the cloud.
These plug and play IoT connector components can be either installed on communication modules, or at the heart of the electronics themselves, depending on your chosen architecture.


Facilitate your smart grid and meter maintenance over time

MicroEJ supports advanced software content management with over-the-air (OTA) applications updates that ensure continuity of service, saves bandwidth at deployment time, and greatly limits the need for costly firmware updates.
Smart Grids and meters are therefore more resilient and more reliable, as they can be maintained and updated over time to keep up with infrastructure evolution and technological innovations.


The next generation of meter technologies are a critical next step for energy management. Revelo and its related future-ready utility IoT platform provide the edge intelligence and sensing function to provide utilities and consumers with the capabilities to reach their goals. The flexibility of the MicroEJ environment enables us to provide an effective platform for app enablement and expansion in the future

Todd Bushey,
Vice President at Landis+Gyr

Energy and Utilities

Key Solutions Supporting Smart Metering and Grid Innovations

Software Factory

Improve your agile process and support your product development activities with the combination of virtualization, object-oriented programming and automated testing. By using MicroEJ software solutions to shorten development iteration cycles and parallelizing activities, you can save both time and costs and release your product 2 to 3 times faster.
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Ecosystem Management

Thanks to MICROEJ VEE platforms, smart devices now possess the critical ability to download apps and securely run such new code to accompany the smart grid evolution and enable innovative ways to leverage devices, data, and remote access to create new business opportunities.
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In addition to supporting approved security standards such as secure boot, data encryption and authentication with certificates, MicroEJ brings security at software execution using the combination of virtualization, sandboxing and right management access that isolate application from middleware.
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IoT Connectivity

Take advantage of reliable and future proof connectivity while lowering IoT product development complexity with ready-to-use IoT protocols that can be updated over time at your IT pace to keep your smart grid infrastructure agile.
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Design to Value

MicroEJ flexible virtualization technology lets you evaluate feature values and costs at the earliest stages of the project. Thanks to virtual devices, (“digital twins”) you can now prototype your future smart energy device and analyze several hardware and software combinations, without impacting your project schedule.
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Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utility Applications Supported by MicroEJ

Our software solutions are used by Energy and Utility leaders worldwide in products such as:

Smart Meters Software

Smart meters

Communication Modules Software

Communication modules

Smart Energy Gateways Solutions


Smart Energy Sensors Solutions