MICROEJ VEE Software Containers for Embedded Systems

MicroEJ Virtual Execution Environment (VEE), is a standard, safe and secure container for embedded systems platform capable of running on any processors including microcontrollers (MCU), microprocessors (MPU) and System on Chip (SoC).

MICROEJ VEE acts as a software container that runs on any OS/RTOS commonly used in embedded systems (FreeRTOS, Zephyr Project,QP/C, ucOS, ThreadX, mBed OS, Mbed OS, VxWorks, PikeOS, Integrity, Linux,…) and can also run without RTOS (bare-metal) or proprietary RTOS.

MICROEJ VEE includes the small virtual processor MEJ32 (a 32-bit virtual core), along with a wide range of free libraries.

Graph of VEE container embedded systems, MEJ32 and Free libraries

VEE container for embedded systems, MEJ32 and Free libraries


The Virtual Execution Environment for Embedded Systems, With All Standard Services

  • Virtualization of hardware and middleware
  • Secure Multi-app trusted execution model (sandboxes)
  • Standard services such as IP networking, cryptography, file systems, serial
  • Multi- programming languages technology mastered by 20+ million developers
  • True digital twin simulators
  • Support for all sensors/activators and communication means

MICROEJ VEE is available as a simulated environment called Virtual Devices, and as an embedded runtime for processors from all major silicon vendors.

MICROEJ VEE Virtual Device

Digital twin of your future product.

It allows to design embedded software applications on comfortable PC/desktop, using a true simulator while the actual electronics is being designed.
The Virtual Device simulates the code execution, along with all peripherals such as displays, connectivity, sensors and any specific hardware feature of your system.

MICROEJ VEE Embedded Runtime

MICROEJ VEE Runtime is tailored for your hardware.

Applications developed on the Virtual Device execute the same without any change on the real device: write once, run and deploy anywhere.
MEJ32 comes in various flavors, named the architectures, virtualizing all available ISA of the embedded markets: ARM Cortex-M, ARM Cortex-Ax, RX, V85, MIPS32, TriCore, Tensillica, etc. : MicroEJ MEJ32 architectures

About Microej

MicroEJ And Android™ Share The Same Virtualization Core Technology


Speed-up Container for Embedded Systems Development With A Virtual Execution Environment

In addition to providing traditional services, MICROEJ VEE also provides capabilities to design smart and appealing products:

microej vee

Benefits of an Container Embedded Systems Content Manager

Release your product faster to the market

  • Apps can be downloaded dynamically to increase product functionality or to  provide security updates
  • Requests can be pulled from end-user or pushed by a fleet manager

Support the creation of your ecosystem or marketplace

  • Offer a standard development environment shared by 20+ million developers
  • Open API’s without disclosing your middleware and intellectual property
  • Allow any number of developers to use MICROEJ SDK and Virtual Devices
  • Manage apps with your store (public or private)

MicroEJ Forge intro


A secure environment for IoT systems

Applications can be loaded onto a device in a trusted way but what can ensure the application is actually safe?
MICROEJ VEE is also called MicroEJ Trusted Execution Environment:

  • provides access control to the system resources
  • prevents system crashes
  • protects confidential data from unwanted access

A solution for a large scale of embedded processors

  • Running on 32-bit processors (MCU/MPU/SoC)
  • High performance software execution
  • Optimized for low power operation
  • Dynamic application loader
  • Multi-application execution
  • Support both C and Java technologies
MicroEJ VEE standard services

A full set of configurable standard free services/libraries

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) with touch and multi-touch
  • Analog and digital IOs support including sensors/activators
  • Data storage and file system
  • Device connectivity (USB, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc.)
  • IoT connectivity (Wi-Fi, CatM, NB_IoT, etc.)
  • IP connectivity (SSL/TLS, HTTP, REST)
  • IoT protocols (CoAP, Thread, MQTT, JSON, CBOR, etc.)
  • Industrial protocols (Modbus, CAN, etc.)

microej vee

MICROEJ VEE Runtimes Available Through A Large Ecosystem

12+ Silicon Core ISA Architectures

10+ OS / RTOS

4+ C Tool Chains