CES 2024: MicroEJ Unveils VEE Wear Compact Wearable OS and Strategic Partnerships with NXP, Facer and Mijo Connected

MicroEJ envisions a transformative shift in embedded technologies, aiming to reshape the landscape through the pioneering concept of ‘software-defined everything.’ This visionary approach spans IoT devices and electronic components, reflecting the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

In 2024, MicroEJ will focus on advancing the software-defined paradigm within the embedded space, addressing critical developments in this dynamic field. Explore the exciting demos and innovations showcased at CES through an engaging booth tour led by Robert DiLoreto, MicroEJ’s SVP Sales Americas, to learn more!

1 • VEE Wear: New Wearable OS for Low-Power Smartwatches

The smartwatch market is marked by fragmentation among ecosystems (such as Google’s Wear OS, and Apple Watch OS) and the prevalence of proprietary or RTOS devices lacking third-party app support. According to analysts, over 50% of smartwatches operate on proprietary OS or RTOS.


VEE Wear, MicroEJ’s cutting-edge wearable OS, addresses market fragmentation and the lack of third-party app support in low-power smartwatches. It offers features akin to larger operating systems while minimizing costs and power consumption, meeting the rising demand for feature-rich wearables with prolonged battery life.

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VEE Wear Wearable OS illustration

2 • NXP Platform Accelerator: A Powerful Partnership for Seamless System Integration

Semiconductor companies are intensifying competition in software/hardware co-design solutions. In today’s diverse embedded and IoT system landscape, the focus has shifted from chip performance specs to efficient software solutions. Chip vendors now aim to design tools offering flexibility, ease of use, and accelerated design cycles.


The NXP Platform Accelerator, a collaborative effort between NXP Semiconductors and MicroEJ, utilizes software containerization to enhance system integration across NXP’s processors portfolio. It exemplifies the growing trend of collaborations focused on accelerating product development, fostering the reuse of software assets, enabling real-time updates in the field, and enhancing lifecycle management.

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NXP Platform Accelerator, NXP and MicroEJ team

(Jean-Christophe Bodet – Senior Director at NX, Charles Dachs – Senior Vice President at NXP and Dr. Fred RIVARD – CEO at MicroEJ) 

3 • Unlimited Watch Faces For RTOS Smartwatches

Through a strategic partnership with Facer, MicroEJ enhances any “powered by VEE Wear” smartwatch by providing access to a catalog of hundreds of thousands of watch faces via the Facer app. Moreover, it connects brands with a vibrant community of over 30,000 watch face designers, ensuring unparalleled customization options for any watch.

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Facer Smartwatch faces RTOS. Ariel Vardi - CEO at Facer and Dr. Fred RIVARD - CEO at MicroEJ

(Ariel Vardi – CEO at Facer and Dr. Fred RIVARD – CEO at MicroEJ)

4 • MIJO CONNECTED Selects MicroEJ to Power Its New Smartwatch Platform

MIJO Connected, a new venture initiated by the former members of Fossil Group’s renowned smartwatch team, selects MicroEJ to power its upcoming range of fashion-oriented smartwatches. MicroEJ’s VEE Wear® technology integration into MIJO’s smartwatches enables adaptable and scalable platforms compatible with diverse hardware configurations, promising enhanced innovation and functionality within the market.

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MIJO CONNECTED Smartwatch Platform. MIJO Connected and MicroEJ Team


(Hai NGUYEN – Co-Founder at MIJO CONNECTED; Semir HADDAD – Chief
Product and Strategy Officer at MicroEJ;
Steve PROKUP – Co-Founder at
Brook EATON – Co-Founder at MIJO CONNECTED)

Software Defined Everything. SDK lab and customers powered by MicroEJ

5 • MicroEJ Becomes IDE Agnostic

MicroEJ recently launched its latest SDK (software development kit), with support for the leading integrated development environments Android Studio, IntelliJ, and Eclipse, as well as the Gradle Build Tool. Uniquely designed to empower embedded and IoT developers, this new release offers increased accessibility and efficiency.

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6 • Captivating Demos Across All IoT Vertical

MicroEJ’s success speaks volumes – having sold 250 million MICROEJ VEE units in just five years across various markets, including wearables, meters, printers, cooking machines, and industrial devices. Our customers include prominent names such as Landis+Gyr, Polar Electro, Zebra Technologies, Universal Electronics, Schneider Electric, Groupe Seb, Leroy Merlin, and many more. For more information, take a look at our list of customers!


Enki Leroy Merlin Groupe SEB T-FAL Cookeo WFM Coffee machine Groupe SEB Moulinex Kitchen Coach Polar Electro smartwatches Landis+Gyr Revelo smart meters

7 • Expending our Ecosystem of Hardware Partners


MicroEJ is broadening its partnerships with leading silicon vendors and hardware partners, including NXP Semiconductors, Telit Cinterion, and STMicroelectronics. This expansion aims to enhance hardware innovations, ensuring cutting-edge user interfaces, reliable and secure IoT connectivity, and low power consumption.

STMicroelectronics STM32U5A9J NXP i.MX93 NXP RT595 NXP i.MX8 Mini and NXP RW612 NXP i.MX RT1170 and i.MX8M Mini Telit Cinterion ME910C1

8 • MicroEJ Impressive Press Coverage at CES 2024

MicroEJ garnered attention from numerous influential media outlets during CES 2024, resulting in positive coverage worldwide. Publications such as Digital Trends, Silicon, Embedded Computing Design, SD Times, Electronics Weekly, CXO Today, EENews, and more featured articles on MicroEJ. Explore our press coverage for further details.

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