MicroEJ Forum is launched!

MicroEJ Forum for Java developers


MicroEJ’s launches Community Forum to connect developers

MicroEJ launched its community forum this week as another way to extend the MicroEJ platform towards the community of 8 million+ Java developers in order to stay connected.

This forum is aimed to help the developers accelerate the development of smart, connected, IoT devices, powered by MicroEJ.


MicroEJ forum has 6 main sections:

Announcements: access to the latest news and updates from MicroEJ
– General: for topics that don’t specifically fit into one of the forum’s existing categories
– MicroEJ FAQ: view answers to your most common questions about MicroEJ technology
MicroEJ STUDIO: for help and discussions about MicroEJ Studio while learning how to create sandboxed applications
MicroEJ SDK: for help and discussions about MicroEJ SDK while learning how to create standalone applications and platforms
How-To-Guide: official “How-to’s” and tutorials on how to leverage MicroEJ Software for your smart devices

Why Join?

  • Access to the latest software updates and news
  • Ask questions and get answers fast
  • Connect with people who share similar expertises
  • Participate in discussions: provide and receive help or just swap ideas and points of view


How to join?

Simple steps to receive the latest updates:

  1. Create your account
  2. Choose your username and an avatar
  3. Start talking with our team and members