MicroEJ Developer Website Has Had a Makeover!

As the embedded space for IoT devices evolves, MicroEJ customers’ expectations grow. Therefore, our website dedicated to developers has been rebuilt to be streamlined and to the point; in order to help finding the information needed to start building smart, connected IoT devices.

Intended for developer teams and technical executives looking for precise information about MicroEJ solutions for electronic devices, this new developer website provides clear and up-to-date information on MicroEJ products, supported by hands-on examples, demos and extensive developer’s documentation.

A special attention has been paid to the technology evaluation process to make it simple and efficient. Developers can complete a comprehensive overview of MicroEJ solutions for building embedded software in two recommended steps:

Another important update is the creation of sub-topics for popular solutions:

For more clarity, this new website has been solely focused on MICROEJ SDK, the complete MicroEJ software suite for embedded software development.

We hope that this website will help you find all the information you need to evaluate MicroEJ solutions in your next projects.

Go check it now and tell us what you think!

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