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Home Appliances - a Mature Market with a Strong Competition

Typical strategies to address this market are hyper-segmentation with increased product ranges, creation of consistent product portfolios by brands, innovative user experience concepts and new business models leveraging a “Product-as-a-Service” approach.

Home Appliances

Differentiate your Products in the Home Appliances Market with a Strong Image

Create a product for each of your customer segments

White goods companies must be innovative while constantly renewing their products to adapt to customer demands. As customer segmentation will identify valued features, MicroEJ’s solution allows you to adapt across high numbers of product variations:

Build a strong brand image

The home appliance market is fragmented and competitive with many strong brands. To help the customer to identify a brand, it is important to use a consistent User Experience across all products.

MicroEJ protects developers from continuous changes of electronics when designing new products: they can reuse the same Graphical User Interface software for an established User Experience on all products.

Make a hub to connect peripherals

Home Appliances such as Kitchen Electronics embraces many types of products: cookers, blenders and scales. Combining all products together allows the creation of new usages.

MicroEJ multi-app execution environment allows a flagship product to behave as a hub. Any wireless peripheral can be supported by a “product as a hub”: when a new device is detected, the hub simply loads the related peripheral driver to control the target device.

Update software, stay reliable

Feature rich electronic devices are now Cloud ready and embedded software related to Cloud tends to change more rapidly than actual firmware controlling motors and other systems.

To avoid long and tedious firmware validation activities combined with fast changing software related to Cloud connectivity, the MicroEJ multi-app capability allows updating partially embedded software. Firmware that needs heavy qualification is kept unchanged while some applications are loaded from a Store.

“This collaborative effort represents an industry first, as appliance manufacturers can benefit from a turnkey approach that delivers comprehensive design, manufacturing, supply chain, and product management services.”

VP Engineering
US leading appliances manufacturer

Home Appliances

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