Discover VEE Wear, MicroEJ’s Groundbreaking Smartwatch OS!

Engineered for cost-efficient smartwatches, VEE Wear offers smartphone-like capabilities, exceptional battery life, and expands app ecosystems on previously limited devices.

In a live demo by Semir Haddad, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at MicroEJ, witness VEE Wear’s versatility supporting a wide range of smartwatches, from low-power models to top-tier devices.

Learn about MicroEJ’s partnership with Facer, delivering over 500K+ watch faces to low-power smartwatches, breaking barriers for unlimited customization. Explore the MIJO CONNECTED wearable device platform powered by VEE Wear, enabling fashion and luxury brands to create desirable, unique, and fashionable smartwatch designs with cutting-edge technology and software.

Experience the development ease with VEE Wear smartwatch OS as we showcase prototyping with boards from STMicroelectronics and NXP Semiconductors. Compatible with Android Studio, supporting virtual devices, VEE Wear streamlines development. Simulate your smartwatch on your PC, develop applications seamlessly, and bring them to life on real hardware!



Explore VEE Wear Smartwatch OS

VEE Wear smartwatch OS, engineered with a highly optimized memory footprint, brings equivalent features found in larger operating systems to any smartwatch, unifying the fragmented low-power watch ecosystem across multiple hardware platforms (MCU+RTOS & MPU+LINUX). Download our solution brief to find out more!

Download Solution Brief

VEE Wear RTOS Smartwatch

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