MIJO CONNECTED and MicroEJ Co-Create the Future of Smartwatches

MIJO CONNECTED, led by the industry veterans from Fossil Group, aims to revolutionize the smartwatch market by offering a platform for fashion and luxury brands to create customizable, branded smartwatches.

Partnering with MicroEJ, MIJO CONNECTED plans to use MicroEJ’s VEE Wear operating system to provide complete customization on the software side, bridging the gap between traditional watch aesthetics and modern technology.

“Reusing software across multiple platforms significantly accelerates our pace of innovation. It expedites platform development and streamlines ongoing maintenance and upgrades, aligning with our commitment to consistently enhance all our platforms. As we introduce and improve features over time, seamless integration across our platforms becomes feasible, eliminating the need for extensive redesigns and new development efforts, as was previously necessary.”

Said Steve Prokup – CEO, MIJO CONNECTED.

Unveiling MIJO CONNECTED’s Smartwatch Platform at CES 2024

Step into the future of wearable technology with Brook Eaton as he takes you on an exclusive tour of MIJO CONNECTED’s groundbreaking smartwatch platform, unveiled at CES 2024. Witness firsthand the fusion of fashion and functionality as Mijo Connected pioneers a new era of customizable, branded smartwatches for fashion and luxury brands worldwide.

Key Capabilities

Swift Market Entry

Rapid access to booming connected devices market by leveraging MIJO CONNECTED platforms without the need for an in-house engineering team.

Customized for Your Brand

Multiple designs/SKUs and software personalization tailored to your brand.

Latest Tech at Scale & Quality

History of execution on brand designs, leveraging our scalable platforms and high quality manufacturing.

Curious to Learn More About the Synergies Between MicroEJ and MIJO CONNECTED?

The partnership between MicroEJ and MIJO CONNECTED is transforming the smartwatch landscape, presenting customizable, branded smartwatches that flawlessly integrate fashion and technology. Reach out to share details about your project and discover how we can collaborate to bring your vision to life!

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