Facer and MicroEJ Partnership Unlocks Endless Customization Options to RTOS Smartwatches

Facer and MicroEJ join forces to revolutionize RTOS smartwatches, offering access to Facer’s extensive catalog of over 500,000 watch faces from 40,000 independent designers and top licensed brands, such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, Atari, US Air Force, Street Fighter, or Frida Kahlo. This partnerships unlocks high-end user experiences for all smartwatches, including low-power watches.

This exclusive partnership enhances low-power watches by transforming them into software-defined smartwatches, providing consumers with endless customization options and broadening the reach for watch face designers through Facer’s #1 watch face platform.

“Our goal at Facer has always been to be on as many wrists as possible, and we are excited to make our platform soon accessible to millions of RTOS-based smartwatches thanks to MicroEJ. This huge milestone will offer designers a broader choice of smartwatches for expressing their creativity, providing greater value to consumers seeking more personalized wearable experiences and constantly contributing to shaping the wearable market with great products.”

Said Ariel Vardy – CEO, Facer.io.

Effortlessly Synch Any Watch Face to Your RTOS Smartwatch

In this demonstration led by Ariel Vardy, CEO of Facer, discover the speed and simplicity of syncing any watch face to your RTOS watch using the Facer app. Experience the effortless compatibility of VEE Wear with iOS and Android as Ariel walks you through the process of selecting and syncing watch faces from your phone to your smartwatch.

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