Android™ Compatibility Kit for Embedded Systems

Android vs MICROEJ VEE Implementations for Embedded Systems


Develop Android Compatible Applications for Resource-Constrained MCU/MPU

Developing Android compatible software applications for cost effective IoT and embedded devices has never been easier! MicroEJ has enhanced its MICROEJ VEE solution to support Android Studio and Gradle, enabling the same application to be developed, simulated, tested, and run on Android and MicroEJ alike.

By enabling the same software to run on either MicroEJ or Android execution environments manufacturers can easily switch from a powerful processor to a smaller one (e.g., Arm  Cortex-A to Arm Cortex-M) to dramatically reduce energy consumption without sacrificing overall performance and UI/UX look and feel.

Android Compatibility Kit Use Cases

Power Usage Android Embedded Systems

Leverage Load Balancing To Decrease Power Usage

MicroEJ Android Compatibility Kit enables two processors to coexist to distribute tasks between a very powerful processor powered by Android and a low power processor powered by MicroEJ to dramatically reduce energy consumption.

Android Compatibility Embedded MCU

Create Derivative Products on Low Cost MCU/MPU

Use MicroEJ Android Compatibility Kit to develop derivative products based on small MCUs or low-cost MPUs that cannot support Android due to their constrained resources.

Android Studio Integration Demo

By using MicroEJ Android Compatibility Kit, developers can use familiar tools such as Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, and Gradle to build energy-efficient applications, leveraging low-power features embedded at the heart of MICROEJ VEE for highly optimized resources usage.

MicroEJ has developed two plug-ins to ensure Android compatibility:

  • MicroEJ Android Gradle plugin (extension of APK build)
  • Android Studio MicroEJ plugin (MicroEJ/Android project creation wizard)

In this demo, witness a wearable Virtual Device created with MicroEJ launched within Android Studio using the Gradle build tool.

MicroEJ Android Compatibility Kit Features

  • Build a MicroEJ app on Android Studio using a set of specific APIs implemented on both MICROEJ VEE and Android runtime (ART), and run it on Android Virtual Device or MicroEJ Virtual Device
  • Build a dynamic app (.fo) from Android Studio
  • MicroEJ Gradle Plugin uses all necessary Gradle functions to efficiently build a MicroEJ application in an Android environment (fetch dependencies, compilation, tasks graph, dependencies graph, settings)
  • MicroEJ Android Studio plugin includes automatic build and project creation Wizard
  • Implementation of MicroEJ Foundation Libraries over Android API (EDC, BON, MicroUI, MicroVG)
  • Supported Resources: NLS (including Android XML and PO formats), Constants, Properties, Images
  • MicroEJ vector graphic library MicroVG provides support for Android Animated Vector Drawables (AVD) and SVG formats for sharp looking user interfaces on any type of screens.

Evaluate MicroEJ Android Compatibility Kit

Android Compatible Solution for Embedded Devices
Android Compatibility Kit is currently successfully used with lead customers for the production of mass-market embedded devices based on cost-effective MCUs and MPUs.

Public product evaluation will be soon available. Contact us for more information!

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