Semir serves as Chief Product and Strategy Officer for MicroEJ and is responsible for the product, partner, and growth strategies.

Semir has over 20 years of experience with industry leaders and startups, bringing complex B2B technology products to the industrial and consumer markets and building high-performing teams that scale the business. He knows how to create a product category from the ground up and grow it to hundreds of millions of annual revenues, multiplying the outreach and market presence. Innovation and business are in Semir’s DNA and drove his choice and career.  Early in his professional life, he worked in the Digital Video and Audio business and was one of the Philips partners in creating the first DVD player. He also led the development of one of the first Personal Video Recorder (PVR) software and was awarded four patents for this innovation. This software was used in millions of satellite dish players. While at STMicroelectronics, he led the product marketing team that created the first successful Cortex-M Microcontroller, the STM32, which sold in billions and is today the #1 microcontroller line in the world. Later at Renesas America, Semir was the driving force behind Renesas’ rejuvenation of its MCU and MPU product lines and ecosystem. Semir believes in MicroEJ as a game-changer in the industry and is excited to be part of the adventure. He focuses on multiplying the strategic partnerships that add value to MicroEJ and will help achieve the company’s growth goals.

semir haddad from microej

Semir Haddad

Chief Product and Strategy Officer

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Semir graduated from CentralSupelec with a Master of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and from ESSEC/Mannheim with an MBA.

Languages Spoken

English, French