Platform Accelerator: A MicroEJ+NXP Collaborative Solution

NXP Semiconductors and platinum partner MicroEJ co-developed Platform Accelerator—a unique solution aiming to streamline development and software reuse across technological environments.

This highly integrated solution allows for mobile-like development processes with edge software containers, enabling seamless system integration across NXP’s Edge Processing Portfolio and easy binary  app portability across various technical environments (RTOS, Linux, custom OS…).



“Just like what happened in the smartphone industry, containerization can be a tremendous tool to drive the rapid development of new smart device platforms. By integrating MicroEJ’s software container with NXP’s broad portfolio of edge processing solutions, we equip engineers to bring more products to market faster, with reduced costs, and to support the continuous evolution of their smart devices across industrial and IoT markets.”

Said Charles Dachs, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Industrial and IoT Edge, NXP.

Seamless System Integration and Compatibility

The NXP Platform Accelerator helps to address a crucial challenge in IoT and industrial device development — system integration.
The use of MicroEJ VEE software containers enables software portability across NXP’s broad portfolio of RTOS-based MCUs and Linux-based applications processors, enabling manufacturers to significantly accelerate new product development and reduce costs.


Key Capabilities

A Comprehensive Solution for NXP Edge Processing

By leveraging software containerization, the Platform Accelerator allows the utilization of NXP IP’s capabilities across various processors for a consistent software experience, regardless of the processor or IP variant. In addition, the NXP Platform Accelerator provides dedicated APIs to create easy access to advanced functionalities integrated in NXP’s processor portfolio, such as power management and 3D/2D graphics.

Unifying IoT Ecosystems with Virtual Device and Android Studio Support

One of the most exciting aspects of the Platform Accelerator is its ability to unify IoT ecosystems. With the support of the MICROEJ VEE software containers, the Platform Accelerator leverages the same development tools used in the Android domain, such as Android Studio, IntelliJ, the Gradle build tool and virtual devices. This unified approach provides developers with a seamless experience to harness the true potential of IoT.

Upgrade, Update and Implement Microservices on Embedded Devices

NXP Platform Accelerator addresses a crucial requirement for modern connected devices, ensuring longevity and adaptability by facilitating the update, upgrade and deployment of microservices and downloadable apps, empowering users to customize their device experience, while manufacturers can engage with customers post-sale.

Use Cases Examples

Fast and Easy IoT Connectivity on the RW612 Tri-Radio Wireless MCU, Combined with a Rich QVGA Display Interface

NXP RW612 Powered by MicroEJ leverages an Arm® Cortex®-M33 MCU subsystem, a fully integrated communication stack for Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth LE 5.3 and 802.15.4 (supporting Thread, Zigbee, Matter, TCP/UPD IP), and a QVDA color display (320×240). The RW612+VEE combination sets a new benchmark in its category with outstanding performance, comparable to a compact smartphone SoC.

Advanced User Interfaces and Low Power Consumption on the i.MX RT595 for battery operated devices, Wearables

MICROEJ VEE RT500 for i.MX RT595 is a dedicated Virtual Execution Environment focusing on Security, Embedded GUI, Low-Power. MICROEJ VEE provides a sandboxed environment, transforming any electronic watch into an app-focused smartwatch, similar to how Android upgraded old feature phones to smartphones.

Stunning UIs With Vector Graphics on the i.MX RT1170 Crossover MCU

Watch this video showcasing an intuitive and beautifully designed smart thermostat user interface using vector graphics. With MicroEJ, experience smooth and fast embedded GUIs, extensibility, and application binary portability for graphic components on any NXP MCUs, MPUs, or Crossover devices.

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