Companies to showcase bestselling fitness and wellness watches by Polar Electro, including the newly released Ignite 3, at CES 2023.

BOSTON, Massachusetts – January 3rd, 2022

Polar Electro, the world’s top choice in personal guidance for fitness, sports, and health, announces its collaboration with MicroEJ, a leading provider of software containers for IoT and embedded devices. With this collaboration, Polar Electro helps expedite the pace of innovation in digital health and wearables, leading to positive health and wellness outcomes for people around the world.

Partnership accelerates the development of feature-rich smartwatches

MicroEJ is a provider of choice for Polar Electro because MicroEJ enables the same capabilities as a leading OS in a sustainable design while providing enhanced battery operating time, reliable connectivity, and stunning user interfaces.

MICROEJ VEE standard software containers minimize hardware and software dependencies, enabling hardware and software teams to work in parallel to expedite product development. In addition, applications developed on MicroEJ are portable software assets that can be reused across all “Powered by MicroEJ” products.

As Sander Werring, CEO at Polar Electro Group, observes:

“The extreme versatility and ease of use of MicroEJ’s solution are outstanding. Its flexibility drives the creativity and boosts the efficiency of our research department. Since we started collaborating, Polar Electro has accelerated the release of a watch to market. Our partnership delivers advanced user interfaces and other great features to our users while dramatically reducing electronics requirements to minimize carbon footprint and cost.”

Partnership provides extensibility and flexibility, unlocking industry-first innovations

The extensibility and flexibility of MicroEJ’s software containers enable Polar Electro to leverage and enhance hardware innovations, such as vector graphics, for an impressive user experience that establishes Polar as the Gold Standard in heart rate measurement.

Fred Rivard, CEO of MicroEJ, confirms:

“We are proud to collaborate with an industry leader such as Polar Electro to help them make their innovation process more efficient and less costly. Our joint engineering initiative enables the creation of beautiful wearable products with extended battery life that guides users’ training, fitness, and wellness routines to help enjoy a healthier life. I am proud that MicroEJ’s technology powers the unrivaled design, best-in-class performance, and power efficiency of Polar Electro’s smartwatches to lead the future of wearables.”

Polar Electro’s newly released Ignite 3 fitness and wellness watch will be at CES Unveiled on Tuesday, January 3, at Mandalay Bay Convention Center and available for viewing at the MicroEJ CES Booth #52339 in the Venetian Expo from January 5-8. Request a meeting with one of MicroEJ’s experts to learn more about MicroEJ solutions for market-leading wearable products!

About MicroEJ

MicroEJ is a software vendor of cost-driven solutions for embedded and IoT devices. We focus on providing device manufacturers with secure products in markets where software applications require high performance, compact size, energy efficiency, and cost-effective development.

Today more than 120+ companies in the world with currently over 100 million products sold, have already chosen MicroEJ to design electronic product applications in a large variety of industries, including smart home, wearables, healthcare, industrial automation, retail, telecommunications, smart city, building automation, transportation, etc.

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About Polar Electro

For over 45 years, Polar has provided guidance for health, sports, and fitness with the world’s best measurement technology and data-driven user insight to help people – from first-timers to professional athletes – succeed in their pursuit of a happier and healthier life. Renowned for an unparalleled dedication to science and deep understanding of sports, wellness, and technology, Polar has cemented itself globally within the industry as the go-to partner for anyone looking to discover their true potential. Our award-winning product range includes pioneering sports wearables that work elegantly with Polar training apps and cloud services.

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