Explore the Capabilities of VEE Wear Smartwatch OS on the STM32U5

Join Jérôme Leroux, CTO and VP R&D at MicroEJ, for an insightful live demo of VEE Wear, the ultra-compact operating system tailored for successful smartwatch designs. Discover its seamless integration with the STM32U5 microcontroller from STMicroelectronics, featuring a Cortex M33 architecture.

In this demonstration, Jérôme highlights the practical capabilities of VEE Wear, showcasing cutting-edge embedded GUI and functionalities. The smartwatch demo features a clock with captivating vector graphics and user-friendly settings tailored for watches. Explore the customizable menu system, offering users a variety of applications, including fitness activities and a compass for navigation.

A notable feature of VEE Wear is its support for vector graphics, allowing for visually engaging elements on the smartwatches. Through MicroEJ’s collaboration with Facer, users gain access to a vast selection of over 500,000 watch faces, with the option to install and personalize their own designs.



New! VEE Wear Wearable OS

VEE Wear represents a significant leap in wearable technology, delivering a tailored user experience. Whether you’re crafting a smartwatch for fitness enthusiasts or tech aficionados, VEE Wear allows you to create unique and distinctive products, all while accelerating time-to-market and reducing Bill of Materials (BoM) costs.

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Facer Watch Faces for RTOS Watches

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