Create Intuitive, Beautiful GUI on the STM32F746 Discovery Board

Experience the creation of an intuitive and visually appealing graphical user interface (GUI) on the STM32F746G-DISCO board with this demo developed using MICROEJ SDK.

Running on an STMicroelectronics STM32F746G-DISCO board equipped with an ARM Cortex™-M7 processor clocked at 216MHz and featuring a 480×272 LCD display with 16-bit colors, this application showcases the power of MICROEJ SDK. The GUI boasts impressive features such as alpha blending, ST ChromArt, transparency, widgets, and antialiasing, all effortlessly managed within the MicroEJ environment.

The demo effectively demonstrates the functionality to control a washing machine, including program selection, fabric types, temperature settings, and spin options, all accessible through an intuitive user interface with touch navigation, dynamic effects, and smooth animations.

Moreover, users have the convenience of pairing a smartphone with the device via Bluetooth connectivity, enabling remote control of the washing machine. The video also highlights the swift boot time of the application, providing a seamless user experience from the outset.

Prior to installation, the application was seamlessly downloaded from the MicroEJ Store via an Ethernet connection to the board. Developed with MicroEJ using C/C++/Java languages, the application boasts remarkable portability, capable of running on various hardware systems.

Some figures:

  • Java app RAM (without image): 52 KB
  • Boot time: 2 ms @ 120MHz



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