Discover the power of MicroEJ’s cutting-edge technology in our Smart Home Demo, seamlessly integrated with Amazon Alexa Voice Command services. This Proof of Concept showcases the exciting potential of Amazon Alexa’s voice commands for everyday tasks in a connected smart home.

The demonstration provides a firsthand look at MicroEJ’s embedded GUI solution, offering lightning-fast and smooth animations that enhance the user interface of your smart home devices. The primary focus of this demo is on the management of lighting devices using voice commands through an Amazon Alexa device. You’ll witness how simple voice instructions can effortlessly adjust brightness and switch between different color sets.

Furthermore, this demo shows how voice commands can regulate home temperatures via Alexa, with real-time data visualizations displayed on an STM32F748 development board.



This demo provides a glimpse into the boundless potential of MicroEJ’s technology in the realm of smart home automation. Join us on an exciting journey into the future of home automation, where voice commands seamlessly integrate with MicroEJ’s embedded GUI solution, creating a more connected and convenient smart home experience.

It’s important to note that this impressive demonstration is a result of a successful proof of concept and does not represent a product compatible with Amazon Alexa. Manufacturers of MicroEJ-powered devices must attain Amazon certification in order to incorporate Alexa services into their end products.

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