This video shows a smartwatch GUI demo running on a STM32L4R9 Discovery Board powered by MicroEJ.

  • This GUI demo demonstrates seamless animations and sharp vector graphics that elevate smartwatch design to new levels.
  • Delve into the efficiency of low power consumption, offering up to 40 days of battery life on a single charge.
  • Unlock practical advantages such as cost savings  and x2 time-to-market for smartwatches and all kind of smartwatches.


MicroEJ flagship Virtual Execution Environment, often described as “the tiny Android for Things“, boost innovation by cutting both time and costs to the product development process. The simulation tools offered by MicroEJ greatly facilitates software development thanks to easy-to-use frameworks, hardware mockups, software tools and libraries (including Embedded GUI and IoT connectivity).

Additionally, applications developed with MicroEJ are portable from one hardware to another with minimum adaptations. All major silicon vendors are supported: NXP, Renesas, ST, Espressif, Microchip, Sony, Silicon Labs, Murata, etc.

New! VEE Wear Operating System

VEE Wear operating system is the #1 choice for designing cost-effective, low-power smartwatches. With references such as Polar Electro, Facer, NXP, or Qualcomm, VEE Wear demonstrates exceptional battery life, amazing user, and a robust app ecosystem on any watch. Download our solution brief for more information!

Download Solution Brief

VEE Wear RTOS Smartwatch

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