Charbax from interviews Semir Haddad, delving into MicroEJ’s latest breakthroughs, collaborations, and product launches. In this conversation, Semir sheds light on MicroEJ’s software platform for IoT and Smart Devices, spanning from smart thermostats, coffee machines, to smartwatches and power meters.

Much like Microsoft revolutionized PCs and Android did for smartphones, MicroEJ’s mission is to streamline and expedite smart product development using cost-effective, low-power microcontrollers and microprocessors.

The interview spotlights MicroEJ VEE Wear®, a fresh iteration of MICROEJ VEE designed explicitly for wearable devices.

Amidst the fragmentation within the smartwatch industry (with ecosystems like Wear OS, Samsung Tizen, Apple Watch OS, etc.) and the prevalence of proprietary or RTOS devices lacking third-party app support, MicroEJ VEE Wear emerges. Engineered for low-power microcontrollers and microprocessors, it bridges the gap between expansive OS features and compact, energy-efficient smartwatches.

MicroEJ VEE Wear aims to harmonize the highly diversified smartwatch market, complementing Google Wear OS by enabling app development for both premium and low-power, cost-efficient smartwatches using the same software.

MicroEJ VEE Wear strives to expedite innovative, energy-efficient wearable designs and foster an inclusive app ecosystem across all smartwatches, including low-power and cost-effective models. Backed by key partners like Facer and embraced by industry trailblazers like MIJO Connected, MicroEJ VEE Wear seamlessly integrates with established tech solutions like Android Studio.

MicroEJ VEE Wear Wearable OS

VEE Wear revolutionizes low-power smartwatches by addressing market fragmentation and app support limitations. It delivers robust functionalities akin to larger OS’, cutting costs and power usage. Meet the growing demand for feature-rich wearables with extended battery life. With VEE Wear, you gain unparalleled versatility and power to craft exceptional UI/UX, prolong battery life, unlock limitless watch faces, and swiftly build app ecosystems.

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VEE Wear RTOS Smartwatch

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