Virtual IoT Meetup: Eclipse Edje, a Java API for Microcontrollers

The Eclipse Edje project, initiated by MicroEJ, defines a standard high-level Java API for accessing hardware features delivered by 32-bit microcontrollers for using serial links, general purpose inputs/outputs, or digital/analog converters. MCUs are small, low-cost, low-power processors designed to run software in resource-constrained environments: low memory (typically KB), flash (typically MB) and frequency (typically MHz). MCUs are provided by silicon vendors along with evaluation kits and are typically the ideal vectors for large scale deployments of low-power and cost-effective IoT, embedded or wearable devices. Edje aims at unifying and easing the programming of apps for MCUs with the largely adopted Java language.

On September 28 at 5pm CEST, Laurent Lagosanto, Senior Architect at MicroEJ, will present the project philosophy.

The meetup will be held on Google Hangouts and you will be able to watch the live stream directly on YouTube.


Virtual IoT meetup will include:


  • What are the intended scope and dependencies?
  • What is available for anyone to download and evaluate the project content?
  • What are the next planned features and where some community involvement will be needed?