Webinar NXP and MicroEJ

Sept 15th, 2021

Hack your Development Process to Achieve up to 3x Faster Product Launches and 40 Battery Life on NXP i.MX RT500 Crossover MCU!



Find out how MICROEJ VEE and NXP i.MX RT500 Crossover MCU all-in-one solution for wearables helps you achieve 3x faster designs and up to 40 days battery life, without compromising on user interface and overall performances.

Eduardo MONTANEZ (Wearables Segment Marketing Manager, NXP), Stephane Mainchain (CTO, MicroEJ), Robert DILORETO (VP US, MicroEJ) will present you how new trends are shaping the wearables industry and how to greatly accelerate time-to-market thanks to proven methodologies coming from IT.

What you will learn / Topics include:

  • NXP’s i.MX RT500 crossover MCU features and key capabilities to making low-power wearables
  • Why MicroEJ enables the digital world by greatly simplifying and accelerating product development
  • How MICROEJ VEE leverages smart power-saving core functionalities to increase battery life and enable incredible performance on the NXP i.MX RT595 Crossover MCU


MICROEJ VEE is a standard, safe and secure on-device platform capable of running on any processors including microcontrollers (MCU), microprocessors (MPU) and System on Chip (SoC).

More information:  https://www.microej.com/product/vee/


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