Distributech 2022

Dallas - USA

May 23th-25th 2022

As a global player in the electronics industry, MicroEJ will be unveiling its latest innovation in collaboration with Sequans: Its standard software container, MICROEJ VEE, port to Sequans’ Monarch 2 platform.

The Sequans/MicroEJ collaboration contributes to a more sustainable IoT environment with fewer components, enabling easier supply chain management within the current context of component shortages. Typical applications that can make the best use of the MICROEJ VEE application development environment include smart utility meters, appliances, wearables, and industrial IoT devices.

MICROEJ VEE is a standard container for virtualization (Java code) that allows developers to:

  • Reuse and duplicate the software on several devices
  • Design and qualify their specifications on the virtual Monarch 2 based device, ahead of hardware design based on Sequans’ Monarch 2 platform.
  • Deliver a low power solution
  • Design up to three times faster which allows teams to work in parallel and massively reduces the complexity of an embedded hardware and software IoT device.

Interested to hear more about this solution?

Contact us to schedule a time to chat or visit us at Sequans’s booth at location Hall B, booth 850.

▷ Read our joint press release to find out about MicroEJ + Sequans partnership.