Zebra Technologies Chose MicroEJ to Accelerate App Development and Fast Printers Customization

In this conference with Zebra Technologies, Google Cloud, and MicroEJ, explore Zebra’s innovative IoT transformation journey. By partnering with Google IoT and MicroEJ, Zebra Technologies has opened its devices to a robust ecosystem of third-party applications, seamlessly operating across more than 40 different printer models.

MicroEJ’s Virtual Execution Environment (VEE) ensures these applications run securely and in real-time, while Zebra Technologies’s GCP Edge Plug application facilitates a secure Google Cloud connection. This setup allows easy integration of various software agents like Twitter, Google Maps, and HTML servers.

At Google Cloud Next’19, we showcased the ease of real-time tweet printing, badge creation, and the use of Google’s analytics for predictive maintenance. Applications run in secure containers, supervised by the TEE environment, ensuring safe cloud interactions and data integrity.

MicroEJ’s virtual devices for application development have streamlined testing, eliminating the need for physical tests across numerous printer models.

Join us as we delve into these advancements and discuss how Zebra Technologies, Google IoT, and MicroEJ are revolutionizing IoT and device connectivity!

Speakers: Robert DiLoreto, Fred Rivard, Vidya Adala, Victor Salmons
Session ID: IOT101 product: Cloud IoT Core, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud IoT Edge



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