Fred currently serves as CEO while leading the vision and execution of MicroEJ’s mission: “Create massive economic opportunities for every smart device maker by introducing the most effective software container that directly addresses the smart device industry key challenges.”

Prior to MicroEJ, Fred was one of the scientific leaders within IBM’s OTI lab, working on OOP languages, co-designing their implementations and compilers, such as the Java compiler of IBM/Eclipse, used by millions of engineers worldwide. Understanding the big picture and the details, Fred combines deep values rooted in honesty, loyalty, and solidarity with a demanding “think-out-of-the-box” mentality, served by an exceptional capacity to produce work results. Focused, visionary, and entrepreneurial, Fred deeply believes that collectively, humans can shape the future for a better world. He has that rare ability to get the best out of his teams to achieve optimal results through “A” players. His qualities make him a charismatic entrepreneur who knows how to surround himself with and lead a high-level team in all areas: technological, legal, marketing, and financial.

Fred Rivard from MicroEJ

Dr. Fred Rivard

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Fred holds a Computer Sciences master’s from Rank Xerox Lab/Paris VI, a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from IBM/Nantes University, and an MBA from Nantes University. He is also a cross-ocean skipper and a scuba diving guide.

Languages Spoken

English, French