Smooth App Portability Between MCU & MPU with The Platform Accelerator

Welcome to this live demo by Jérôme Leroux, CTO and VP R&D, featuring a cutting-edge smart thermostat application developed with Platform Accelerator, a co-developed solution by NXP and MicroEJ. This innovative demo showcases the seamless integration of hardware and software, leveraging the power of the NXP Platform Accelerator to deliver unparalleled performance and versatility.

Running flawlessly on the NXP i.MX1170 with Cortex-M7 architecture, enabled by MICROEJ VEE, this smart thermostat demo offers a glimpse into the future of smart home devices. Compatible with Matter and capable of accessing sensor data such as temperature, humidity, and pressure, it provides users with real-time insights and control over their environment.

But what sets this demo apart is its adherence to the “code once, reuse everywhere” principle. Thanks to the advanced capabilities of the NXP Platform Accelerator, this very application can seamlessly transition to an i.MX8M with Android OS, offering the same level of functionality and user experience across different hardware platforms.



Platform Accelerator Solution for IoT Devices

Join us as we explore the convergence of hardware and software, seamless binary app portability between MCUs & MPUs, and witness firsthand the transformative potential of the NXP Platform Accelerator in shaping the future of smart device development!

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