Jerome serves as CTO at MicroEJ. He manages the technical experts developing the core technology and defines the company’s technology roadmap.

Jerome has over 15 years of experience in software and international team management. Jerome focuses on developing his and his team’s skills and reaching a level of excellence matched only by the very best in the industry. His philosophy is that everyone must be an actor in their destiny, create opportunities and seize them. To that effect, he empowers and pushes his team to be proactive and creative. Jerome is incredibly proud to have become an expert on embedded technologies and participated in the initial development of the MicroEJ solution. He was instrumental in recruiting and managing the R&D team and ensuring the transmission of knowledge to scale the operations. In 2018, Jerome decided to follow Fred and move to Boston to support the US launch while still managing the R&D worldwide. Jerome believes having a growth mindset and welcoming change are crucial to success: being a “problem solver” and applying method, organization, and continuous improvement are his watchwords. His strength also lies in sharing the company’s values, combining high standards, quality, and solidarity: “Together, nothing is impossible, and we will always find solutions to meet the challenges that await us.”

Jerome Leroux

CTO and VP R&D
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Jerome is a graduate of the University of Nantes with a Professional Master’s Degree (M2) in Software Architecture.

Languages Spoken

English, French