Robert DiLoreto sheds light on the transformative potential of virtualization for embedded systems

Introducing MicroEJ at CES Unveiled 2020, Robert DiLoreto emphasizes the core value proposition of MicroEJ: its ability to provide a virtualization technology that is remarkably smaller than Android, yet capable of delivering high-end features on even the most budget-friendly embedded systems.



MicroEJ achieves this feat by running a virtualization layer atop of RTOS or Linux, offering a lean yet powerful platform for embedded systems design. It serves as an ecosystem akin to an app store, allowing developers to create applications using Java, JavaScript, or Managed-C, securely hosted in a branded IoT marketplace. This approach democratizes customization and future-proofs devices, enabling users to tailor their experience according to their needs.

Moreover, DiLoreto highlights MicroEJ’s practical application in real-world scenarios, such as the development of next-generation coffee makers. By leveraging MicroEJ’s platform, designers can rapidly prototype and iterate on device features, from graphical interfaces to connectivity options, ultimately expediting time-to-market.

MicroEJ’s scalability is another key highlight, accommodating a wide range of hardware, from inexpensive MCUs to robust Cortex A9 processors. This versatility ensures that innovation remains accessible across various device categories, from wearables, smart home, appliances, to smart meters, industrial automation and medical devices.

In essence, MicroEJ’s virtualization for embedded systems stands out for its pragmatism and adaptability in the embedded landscape, offering a viable solution for both startups and established enterprises seeking to develop connected devices efficiently and cost-effectively.

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