As Android turned phones into Smartphones, MicroEJ turns electronic devices into Smart Things.

With tens of millions of devices powered by MicroEJ with offices in Europe and in the United States, MicroEJ is the standard embedded software platform leader for the smart things market: wearables, appliances, home, automation, healthcare, telecom, industrial, energy, printers, lighting, IoT.

MicroEJ customers reference a number of key value propositions including faster time to market, reduced cost of ownership, enabling fast new IoT revenues, software assets creation, beautiful embedded user interfaces, and leveraging ecosystems and security features.

MicroEJ experiences a strong and steady growth. Today, more than 100 million devices in the world are powered by MicroEJ in a large variety of industries including home automation, consumer and wearables, communications, smart energy, smart transportation, healthcare, industrial automation, and smart building.