MICROEJ Forge is a Revolutionary Application Store for IoT and Embedded Devices. By allowing the safe storage and distribution of software components (also called apps), MICROEJ Forge allows the management of software content across large fleet of IoT and embedded devices. Thanks to the App FORGE Connect, development teams can download all software assets compatible on their device from a single web interface hosted on-board to accelerate time-to-market and enhance software assets reuse.



Key Highlights


  1. White-label Software Assets Store: MICROEJ Forge serves as a white-label software assets store, allowing companies to capitalize on their software components across their organization.
  2. Faster Time-to-Production: Forge facilitates smoother product development and faster time-to-production by delivering the right software assets, versions, and metadata to the appropriate devices quickly and confidently.
  3. Lifecycle Management: solution not only builds and qualifies software assets but also administers their lifecycles, including preparation and publication, while ensuring marketplace reliability.
  4. Binary Software Checker: MICROEJ Forge includes a unique safety feature, a binary software checker, to validate software integrity and compatibility before distribution, ensuring threat-free software.
  5. Forge Play Applications Manager: Forge Play is a simple yet powerful applications manager that allows device users to browse and manage available apps while controlling their lifecycle (start, stop, uninstall).
  6. Integration with IoT Ecosystem: MICROEJ Forge complements various device management connectors available in the MicroEJ ecosystem, such as AppDirect, AWS, and Lightweight M2M based solutions.
  7. Utilization of JFrog Platform: MICROEJ Forge utilizes the JFrog Platform as its main orchestrator, enabling scalable operations for managing thousands of software assets in an IoT marketplace.

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