Explore The Potential of Multi-Sandboxed Containerized Apps for IoT Devices

App Container Multi Sandbox Implementation

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT), security, versatility, and efficiency are paramount. MICROEJ VEE app container introduces Multi Sandboxed Apps, revolutionizing the way IoT devices operate.

Containerized apps (a.k.a. sandboxed apps) redefine the way your IoT devices operate by securely isolating applications from the underlying OS/RTOS, creating a secure environment. This transformation brings a host of advantages, from enhancing device reliability to accelerating your product development process.

Discover how MicroEJ containerized apps can empower your IoT devices and take your business to new heights.

Benefits of Containerized Sandboxed Apps

MicroEJ technology offers containerization capabilities available on low-cost, low-power devices running RTOS on microcontrollers and on more powerful devices running Linux on application processors. This unique capability makes it possible to rationalize your product development with one software platform that offers Android-like capabilities across your whole product range. Other benefits of multi sandboxed apps include:

Sandboxed App Portability Embedded Systems


App containers encapsulate an application and its dependencies, making apps highly portable. Containerized apps run consistently across different environments, from development to production, regardless of hardware variations.

App Ecosystem Embedded Containers

Ecosystem enablement

Accelerate innovation by securely opening your IoT device to third-party developers. MICROEJ VEE’s multi-sandboxed containers provide environments and privilege scoping, allowing developers to create apps for your device without compromising security.

Sandboxed Containerized Apps Reliability Benefits

Enhanced Device Reliability

With secure app off-loading, a single malfunctioning app cannot disrupt the entire system. The malfunctioning app will be stopped, and the device will keep running without having to reboot the whole system. This way, your IoT device remains reliable, ensuring a seamless user.


Containerized Sandboxed Apps Code Management

Leverage Legacy Assets

Capitalize on your existing software assets and IPs by containerizing legacy apps. This approach saves time and effort while extending the life of your valuable software investments.

Key Features of Multi Sandboxes

  • Dynamic Updates: The ability to update applications during the product’s lifetime is crucial in staying competitive and adapting to evolving user needs. MICROEJ VEE containerized apps enable dynamic updates seamlessly, ensuring your devices remain relevant and up-to-date.
  • Modular Design: MICROEJ VEE encourages a modular approach, separating an application’s functionality into independent, interchangeable modules. Each module contains precisely what’s needed to execute a specific functionality aspect, promoting efficient use of resources and scalability.
  • Runtime Sandboxing: App containers isolate applications at runtime, ensuring the robustness of your device. This containment prevents bugs or malfunctions from disrupting the entire system, safeguarding your device’s memory, CPU, native resources, and data.
  • Efficient Distribution: Containerized apps are easily stored and distributed as binary building blocks. They come pre-tested, eliminating the need for recompilation during module execution, streamlining the development process, and guaranteeing consistent quality.
  • Managed code and multilanguage framework: MICROEJ VEE offers a versatile multilanguage framework, allowing developers to write code in their preferred language (C, Java, JavaScript, or Kotlin) while maintaining the robustness and security of containerized apps.
  • Security: Untrusted apps undergo rigorous verification via a Binary App Verifier before they are linked. This stringent security measure safeguards your device by preventing malicious apps from accessing system resources or compromising other apps through strict isolation.
  • Efficient communication: MICROEJ VEE includes a built-in remote procedure call (RPC) feature that enables efficient communication between different apps within distributed embedded systems. This feature ensures safe inter-app connectivity.
  • Tiny footprint MICROEJ VEE’s pre-linked apps exhibit a minimal footprint, making them easy to download even on highly limited networks. This ensures efficient usage of network resources while providing essential functionality.
Software Defined IoT Devices

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Embrace a software-defined approach with multi-sandboxed apps for faster development and cost savings. Say goodbye to outdated processes and welcome a realm of agility, flexibility, and innovative business models.

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