Beautiful, Fast, Easy-to-build Embedded GUIs

MicroEJ Embedded GUI solution provides your customers with beautiful Look & Feel and high performance, on markets such as wearables, home appliances, smart home, medical, smart printers, and more generally speaking any kind of small electronic products.


Make Embedded GUIs Exciting

Take advantage of impeccable, ultra-fast in execution embedded GUIs that will guarantee your customers a great user experience.

Adding to the benefits of stunning graphics, rich animations and interactions, MicroEJ’s portability across different electronics allow you to leverage your design investment by re-using the same graphical widgets for your whole line of products and create a distinctive user experience.


Make it Fast and Easy

Unlock your competitive edge thanks to professional tools and libraries that will greatly facilitate your embedded GUI design and development for a product ready to launch in record time.

Thanks to MicroEJ’s simulation technology, quickly prototype your embedded GUI on virtual devices with fast-cycles iterations and get more regular feedback from your project stakeholders (designers, beta customers, marketing, etc.).

Test it for yourself!

Control Your Costs

MicroEJ’s low-power Embedded GUI solution reduces your electronics costs by optimizing memory (RAM/ROM) and hardware resource usage.

Thanks to our technology, you won’t need a high-performance processor to achieve best in class UI: MicroEJ UI Engine requires a very small memory footprint and can be executed by simple and low-cost processors starting from 1$ price point (microprocessors).


Discover how embedded systems success
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Powerful Tools for Fast Prototyping


Easy prototyping, with or without hardware access

MICROEJ SDK provides tools to create a Virtual Device with a front panel, a display, various button types, LEDs, etc. so that the prototyped GUI can be exercised in a realistic electro-mechanical environment. Developers have the possibility to create peripherical extensions to define, test and simulate system inputs/outputs such as sensors (heart rate monitor, accelerometer, temperature), actuators (motors, relays), GPS, etc.

In addition, the Virtual Device allows to measure major indicators such as embedded memory (RAM, Flash) required by the UI and help in making right decisions when cost matters.

Professional Tools and Libraries

Our easy-to-use APIs and comprehensive set of free GUI libraries and widgets (MicroUI and MWT) are our secret sauce for efficient cross-hardware development.

Fonts from all major font formats (including Latin, Arabic and Asian) can be imported, edited or designed from scratch thanks to our Font Designer & Generator.

Java/Android developers will love our intuitive tools for coding, testing (manual or automatic), debugging/profiling and internationalizing full-featured embedded GUIs.