The new wearable demo based on the i.MX RT595 Crossover MCU powered by MicroEJ shows unprecedented performance, sharp-looking raster and vector graphics, creative animations, and ultra-fast rendering (60 fps in average). This combined solution provides a fast path to innovation for wearable and smart appliance manufacturers looking for performant and intuitive user interfaces on cost-effective, low powered MCUs.

Key highlights:

  • Ultra light and fast embedded UI/UX
  • Vector and vector graphics and fonts
  • Scrollable menu
  • Ultra fast animations, leveraging natively built in hardware 2D GPU
  • Ultra low power consumption (up to 40 days on one charge!). Watch our webinar about ultra low power on the NXP RT500 Crossover MCU for more info!


Wearable Embedded GUI

New! VEE Wear Operating System

VEE Wear redefines smartwatches by unifying fragmented markets and overcoming app limitations. With VEE Wear, enhance UI/UX, prolong battery life, access numerous watch faces, and rapidly expand your app ecosystem. Download our solution brief to find out more!

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