Smart Energy Devices Made Simple

In the age of IoT, the energy marketplace is changing at a fast pace: smart meters become an industry standard and deployments grow across the globe.

MicroEJ technology raises smart meters to a new level with advanced capabilities. Embedded applications managing services can be executed by different meters without changes, OEM’s can maintain software for their products over a very long period of time and security & robustness can be increased when connectivity is a threat.



Smart Meter Efficiency is All About Software

Energy embedded devices

A ‘per-project’ organization

Businesses in the smart energy market is project driven: each business is unique and dedicated to an utility, an area or just a big city. This drives the way development teams are organized to cope with random starts of new projects.

MicroEJ solutions can help you to setup a sustainable project-oriented organization. Modern software technologies from MicroEJ drastically improve your development team productivity for embedded systems, leveling team activity peaks during critical periods of time.

Smart Energy Solutions

Deal with open markets

Utility markets are now opened to many services providers, including small companies and even individuals when dealing with micro-grids.

To deal with these new ecosystems, MicroEJ helps OEMs to open their electrical equipment to third parties and to let them customize embedded software for managing power grids. With MICROEJ Store, engineering companies can develop and deploy new services for smart meters regardless of their specificity.

Smart Energy Software

Maintain software many over years

Smart grid expects long lifetime products and this causes many issues in dealing with legacy equipment and standards such as communication protocols or measurements algorithms.

MicroEJ offers solutions for long term embedded systems In-Service Support (ISS). With MicroEJ virtualization capability, companies can create portable software code for any hardware and software architectures. Developers can keep the same binary code running on legacy products and execute it on newer products replacing the older ones in a system.

Smart Energy Devices Security

Trust in your software

IoT devices like smart-meters or street-light bulbs are connected devices that need to be often updated with new functionality according to their changing environment.

Even if new software is loaded using all best practices for security, how do developers guarantee the software does not include a hacked part? MicroEJ provides mechanisms to prevent application crashes upon bad behavior. Such a conflicting application can be automatically stopped and uninstalled.


MicroEJ Solutions to Simplify your Smart Energy Projects

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