for Device Software Development

Powerful Software Development Tools for Creating Next Generation IoT Devices

MicroEJ Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a scalable software platform and a powerful workbench built on Eclipse to create embedded and IoT devices.

Virtual Execution Environment



With MicroEJ SDK, developers can carry out two types of activities:
– It enables software developers to build a standard and secure MicroEJ software platform for a wide range of electronic systems.
– It allows application developers for prototyping, developping and testing software applications for MicroEJ embedded platforms.

MicroEJ workbench, a tool included in the SDK, provides assistance to develop MicroEJ embedded software platforms, to build a virtual device (device simulation), create test suites to sustain Agile design processes, create new character font sets for Graphical User Interface, etc.

MicroEJ SDK for software development

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