for Device Software Development

Powerful Software Development Tools for Creating Next Generation IoT Devices

MicroEJ for device software development includes a SDK that provides a scalable OS and a powerful workbench built on Eclipse to create embedded and IoT devices.


MicroEJ OS runs on the embedded target (i.e. the IoT “thing” or device). It provides a hardware-independent Core layer built upon a hardware-dependent Board Support Package (BSP). The OS also provides a rich set of Libraries with a high-level Java API upon which applications can be built. Resident applications are built in the firmware that is flashed to devices, as opposed to applications that can be downloaded from a MicroEJ Store and run dynamically. Any legacy C or C++ code can also be linked to the MicroEJ OS if needed.

MicroEJ Workbench allows firmware developers to integrate, configure, and build an embedded MicroEJ OS for running mixed Java and C software applications on their device.

MicroEJ SDK for software development

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