MicroEJ Studio:
UI and Application Development for MicroEJ-ready devices

Application Development for IoT devices

A Rich Set of Tools for IoT Application Development

MicroEJ Studio provides tools built on Eclipse for software Application Development. MicroEJ Studio allows application developers to write Java applications, run them on a virtual (simulated) or real device, and publish them to the MicroEJ Store.
MicroEJ Studio runs on the application developer’s host. It provides an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) built on Eclipse for Java programming.

MicroEJ Studio

The Virtual Device Loader allows to load a virtual device specification downloaded from a MicroEJ Store.
The Application tools allow to create applications in Java – with potentially a touch and Graphical User Interface (GUI) with the GUI tools – that will be built for the loaded virtual device. The virtual device includes the similar custom MicroEJ VEE Core, Libraries and resident applications as the real device. Developers can run their applications on the Virtual Device Simulator, or directly on the real device through the MicroEJ Store.

The Simulator runs a mockup Board Support Package (BSP Mock) that mimics the HW functionality. When building an application, MicroEJ Studio ensures that it does not depend on API that is either not available on the device, or provided by a third-party application. This enables simple application lifecycle management: install, start, stop, and uninstall.

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