In this video, we showcase MICROEJ STORE’s seamless performance on the STMicroelectronics STM32F746G-DISCO board, featuring an ARM Cortex™-M7 processor running at a blazing 216MHz and a vibrant 480×272 LCD display with 16-bit colors. This demonstration highlights how MicroEJ Store empowers cloud-based services and facilitates application deployment on a wide range of IoT devices, from wearables to home appliances and everything in between, including energy and home automation devices.



The video commences with the default app, which serves as the gateway for downloading and managing other applications. It offers a comprehensive view of apps already installed on the system, as well as a tantalizing glimpse of other apps available for download from MicroEJ’s application store featuring greyed-out icons to indicate their availability.

Subsequently, the video walks you through the Settings example app, demonstrating how to configure the Ethernet connection to MicroEJ’s application store. Watch as the user effortlessly selects and downloads the Calculator app from the online store and promptly installs it. You’ll witness the app in action, and when you’re done, you can uninstall it without any system disruptions, halts, reboots, or resets.

Apps that are available on MicroEJ’s application store but not currently installed are clearly marked with greyed-out icons, while apps that are already on the device and ready for use feature plain icons. The video also showcases the download and installation of a larger Smartwatch app, followed by a lighter Clock watch app, which impressively has a shorter download time.

Experience the STM32F746G-DISCO’s capabilities with MicroEJ’s application store and witness the seamless management of applications on this powerful platform. Stay tuned for more insights and possibilities with our innovative technology.