Discover a demo video of a connected thermostat built with MicroEJ solutions working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on an ESP-WROVER-KIT.

MicroEJ SDK benefits for IoT developers:

  • Software execution supports C and Java technologies
    Create your own MicroEJ platform and open the ESP32 rich feature set to Java developers,
    Integrate middleware provided by Espressif without any limitations.
  • Develop attractive User Interfaces
    Create your own device simulator and take advantage of the Java technology for rapid prototyping,
    Design an attractive User Interface with the MicroEJ GUI libraries and improve user experience.
  • Software robustness is improved
    MicroEJ virtualization prevents system-level functions from crashing when encountering issues on the application level. It greatly improves software robustness, which is critical for IoT applications.

ESP32 platform using MicroEJ is available on many verticals, e.g. :

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