Get Ready for the Software-Defined IoT Revolution!

Explore the transformative impact of MicroEJ’s software containers, a key player in the software-defined revolution. Over 250 software-defined IoT products in diverse industries bear witness to the practical applications of our technology—from consumer devices to industrial automation.

From basic gadgets to pioneers of a technological revolution, electronic devices have evolved into software-defined smart entities. MicroEJ’s app containers, tailored for cost-efficient IoT devices, provide streamlined and lightweight environments. They drive the software-defined world forward, enabling parallel development workflows and continuous device updates once deployed in the field.

This transformative shift propels the IoT industry into a high-tech realm, turning devices into dynamic hubs for digital applications, unlocking boundless possibilities. Join the software-defined revolution and witness the true power and potential it holds for IoT devices!



Software Defined IoT Devices

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