Discover a demo video of a Wi-Fi Smart thermostat built with MicroEJ solutions working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on an ESP32 development board.


Discover the intricacies of IoT development with our ESP32 Wrover thermostat demo, powered by MicroEJ. In this video, we provide a comprehensive walkthrough of connecting your ESP32 device to the internet via Wi-Fi, enabling remote control and monitoring of the thermostat through AWS.

  • We begin by outlining the necessary components: the ESP32 Wrover Development Kit, a cellphone, a Wi-Fi router, and an AWS account. Witness the seamless integration as the ESP32 connects to a Wi-Fi access point and establishes remote access from your cellphone to control the thermostat.
  • Explore the practical functionalities of the ESP32 web server, allowing for intuitive temperature adjustments and interaction via a web interface. Follow the real-time data transmission to AWS, showcasing how you can monitor and manage thermostat data from your PC.
  • Throughout the demonstration, we underscore the advantages of utilizing MicroEJ for IoT development, emphasizing its role in streamlining connectivity between embedded devices and the cloud.

Whether you’re an experienced IoT developer or just starting out, this video offers valuable insights and practical demonstrations to inspire your thermostat project!



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