Live Demo! MIJO CONNECTED Smartwatch Platform Powered by VEE Wear OS

Discover the next generation of smartwatch innovation with Brook Eaton, co-founder of MIJO CONNECTED, as he presents an immersive demonstration of MIJO’s latest smartwatch platform, powered by MicroEJ’s VEE Wear compact wearable OS!

In this captivating demo, Brook showcases an RTOS watch built by MIJO and powered by VEE Wear, highlighting remarkable speed, exceptional graphics, and cutting-edge capabilities. Witness how VEE Wear unlocks Facer’s extensive watch face catalog within MIJO’s platform, offering tens of thousands of watch face options for any smartwatch, including low-power, low-cost models.


MIJO CONNECTED, founded by industry veterans from the Fossil connected device team, brings unparalleled expertise in designing smartwatches for renowned brands. With VEE Wear integration, MIJO CONNECTED presents highly customizable wearable device platforms, catering to a diverse range of preferences, from budget-friendly choices to premium models, all while delivering superior features and quality.
For more information, visit MIJO CONNECTED website.

VEE Wear Operating System (NEW)

VEE Wear OS is the preferred choice for designing cost-effective, low-power wearables. With references such as Polar Electro, Facer, NXP, or Qualcomm, VEE Wear demonstrates amazing UI/UX, extended battery life, and a robust app ecosystem on any smartwatch. Download our solution brief for more information!

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VEE Wear RTOS Smartwatch

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