Explore NXP Platform Accelerator Solution For Edge Devices

Unveiled at CES, discover how the NXP Platform Accelerator addresses development challenges by infusing innovative ideas from the IT industry into the realm of smart connected devices. 

Explore the presentation by Jean-Christophe Bodet, Senior Director, Strategic Customer Engagement – Industrial & IoT at NXP Semiconductors, to uncover the advantages it brings to your IoT device development journey!



NXP Platform Accelerator Benefits

  • Empowering IoT through Seamless System Integration:

Tackling a pivotal challenge in IoT and industrial device development, the Platform Accelerator offers containerization capabilities. It allows both new and legacy applications to run on the same processor, ensuring consistent performance across diverse technological foundations.

  • Unifying IoT Ecosystems with Virtual Devices & Android Studio Support:

The Platform Accelerator integrates advanced development tools, including simulation, virtual device management, and a multi-language framework supporting C, Java, and JavaScript. Virtual prototyping supports parallel development workstreams and enables manufacturers to create more products faster.

  • Enable Continuous Updates, Upgrades, and Implementation of Microservices:

The Platform Accelerator empowers manufacturers to seamlessly add new applications and services to deployed products through over-the-air updates. This ensures compatibility with the latest IoT innovations and allows leveraging monetized apps for ongoing value to end-users.

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NXP Partner Page

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