Simplification of the Global Device Management and Reduction of the Development Time

Avalun is an innovative medical devices company founded in 2013. The goal of the company is to create healthcare devices to improve patient’s life here and now. Avalun has focused its efforts on developing LabPad®, a connected Handy Lab designed to address the needs for multi-parametric near-patient testing.

Normally, a blood test requires the patient having to experience a painful prick to draw blood. In addition, getting the test results takes at least 10 to 12 hours after blood is removed. This delay in time can be critical for some patients waiting to start the right treatment. The LabPad medical device is the answer.


Build a featured but cost-effective medical device

The challenge was to create a small portable device, enabling a wide range of tests and providing real-time results:

  • Create a cost-effective solution despite complexity
  • Display easy-to-read test results in real-time
  • Operate from a battery (cordless)

MicroEJ in Action

A Modern Software Solution With No Extra Costs

Avalun saved time and money in the development of its medical device LabPad

Software rich platform for low cost & low power medical device

MicroEJ offers a comprehensive Virtual Execution Environment for a wide range of processors including sub $5 microcontrollers. Even on low cost & low power processors, development efforts are streamlined while handling levels of complexity, through separation of concerns. As software grows, developers can keep elements small and independent from each other to avoid jeopardizing the full software stack.

Avalun chose MicroEJ for the development of LabPad, an innovative healthcare device

Graphical User Interface for a user-friendly product

Developers can create their own Virtual Device and validate with simulation new concepts for their new Graphical User Interface (GUI). This greatly reduces development costs and time as project stakeholders can first prototype the GUI before making decisions and engaging with development expenses.

Avalun partnered with MicroEJ for the creation of LabPad, an innovate medical device

Quick development to reduce R&D costs

Significant reduction in the development cycle can be achieved parallelizing hardware & software development. MicroEJ Virtual Execution Environment (VEE) allows developers to design software on their Virtual Device (aka a device simulator) and do not need to wait for device hardware availability.

“LabPad is a very complex technical device, that includes many features and services working in parallel. Thanks to MicroEJ we were able to simplify the global device management and reduce the development time. We saved time and money!”
Vincent Poher - Avalun CEO

Avalun LabPad benefits from MicroEJ

  • Reduce electronic Bill of Materials costs while accessing to advance software technologies usually available on application processors.
  • Reduce development costs by separating complex firmware and application layers such as Graphical User Interfaces.


Product Overview

Avalun LabPad, a smart medical device

  • Fully automated “plug-and-play” behaviour
  • Versatile device enabling a wide range of tests
  • Real-time results displayed on the screen after processing
  • Easy sharing of results via Bluetooth
  • Medical certified