Build Highly Reliable and Secure Medical Devices


MicroEJ solutions helps you keep pace with rapid innovations in digital healthcare with proven and secure software methodologies coming from IT.

MicroEJ is compliant with several medical devices software certifications, including:


High Security Certifications for your Medical Devices

Medical devices applications can get very complex. However not all application parts shall be certified at the same level.

MICROEJ VEE virtualization technology allows developers to easily separate software components. Separation can occur vertically across firmware and application levels or horizontally within the application layer using sandboxes. Therefore, several levels of certifications such as NF EN 62304 level A, B or C can be combined within the same device.


Secure your Medical Device Runtime Environment

Security deals with many aspects of a medical device. Ciphering of critical data (storage or communication) is the most obvious one but other aspects like execution at runtime are key.

MICROEJ VEE can support any kind of ciphering solutions from software silicon vendors (see our partners) while providing a Trusted Execution Environment with sandboxing and a customizable security manager layer. Applications developed for the product can even be considered as non reliable applications with highly restricted means to access to software and hardware resources.

Thanks to MicroEJ we reduced development time and simplified device management. Overall we saved time and money.

Vincent POHER,
CEO, Avalun


Add Agility to your Development Process

An agile process implementation requires support from automatic testing and refactoring tools to accept changes during project development with fast decision making.

MICROEJ SDK development tools offer various testing solutions with a simulator or a device and can bring test coverage report at functional and binary levels to reach an outstanding degree of confidence in software testing.

MICROEJ VEE support for Java technology lets developers access all Object Oriented Programming (OOP) benefits, especially in terms of code architecture design and refactoring.